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At MolecularMD we use the best tools for the job.  By remaining platform agnostic, we are able to select the most appropriate technology and platform to establish the desired specifications for our assays and meet the criteria of our clients.

{mooblock=Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Cancer Panels }

MolecularMD’s NGS Oncology Panel Service provides validated and optimized NGS panels that include cancer oncogenes and tumor suppressors. This service features PGM AmpliSeq, and MiSeq TruSeq cancer panels, both powered by our proprietary NGS workflow from sample preparation to data reporting. Our NGS Oncology Panel Service is optimized to detect and to report most critical mutations across the targeted genes, beyond the typical reporting of hot spot mutations.


{mooblock=Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Custom Panels }

MolecularMD’s NGS oncology custom panel development and service provides customer defined NGS panels that are developed for specific target or multiplexed targeted re-sequencing for specific diseases. Our services provide a streamlined workflow, from sample preparation to customized data reporting.



{mooblock=Droplet Digital PCR}

Utilizing the Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR) assay system, MolecularMD has developed a highly sensitive assay for the EGFR T790M mutation in circulating nucleic acids isolated from blood. This 3rd generation PCR technology allows for absolute quantification of EGFR T790M by focusing single fragment amplification in individual droplets offering superior performance in precision and accuracy.




Allele-specific PCR (primer-based; probe-based)     
Applied Biosystems 7500
Bio-Rad CFX96
Quantitative real-time PCR                          
Applied Biosystems 7500
Bio-Rad CFX96
Applied Biosystems ViiA7
Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q
Roche LightCycler
Droplet digital PCR                                       
Bio-Rad QX100
Sanger sequencing                                         
Applied Biosystems 3730/3130
Next generation sequencing                            
Illumina MiSeq
LifeTechnologies Ion PGM
Ventana BenchMark XT
Caliper LabChip GX

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