Oncology Biomarker Diagnostics

Linking molecular status to breakthroughs in cancer treatment


Dan Snyder, MBA – President, Chief Executive Officer

Dan Snyder has more than 15 years of experience in the life science research and diagnostic fields supporting the market development of high value products and services to both pharmaceutical and academia clients. Mr. Snyder has worked extensively in supporting new product introductions and rapid market adoption for novel proteomic and genomic technologies. His commitment to customer satisfaction and close interaction with MolecularMD’s assay development laboratory helps to ensure MolecularMD meets or surpasses all client expectations.

Chad Galderisi, D.O. – Executive Vice President/Chief Medical Officer, Laboratory Director 

Chad Galderisi is one of the scientific founders of MolecularMD with over 10 years of experience in molecular testing and diagnostic surgical pathology. Dr. Galderisi is board certified in Molecular Genetic Pathology and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Oregon Health and Science University. He currently serves as Laboratory Director and member of the Board of Directors for MolecularMD, Corp.

Glenn A. Miller, Ph.D. -  Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President

Dr. Miller has over 25 years of experience in the clinical laboratory, precision medicine and pharmaceutical industries.   He has led clinical laboratory R&D efforts and strategy for personalized healthcare for global pharmaceutical companies translating bench science into tests yielding patient-centric actionable healthcare.  Dr. Miller has published and spoken extensively in the areas of genetics, genomics and pharmacogenetics.



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