Oncology Drug Approval - Accelerated

Bridging the gap between biomarkers and In Vitro Companion Diagnostics


BioCatalyst is an international group of scientific and business managers who partner with scientific teams to create market driven, sustainable biotech companies. We are a company focused on the transition from research to commercialization. Typical partners include academic scientists, early stage biotech companies who require accelerated sales, major bioscience research centers who seek the creation of multiple sustainable biotech companies on a continuing basis, and the venture arm of pharmaceutical companies who have specific startup objectives. BioCatalyst currently has offices in New York (NY), West Palm Beach (FL), and Cambridge (UK).



The Ballast Point partners have more than 60 years of combined experience investing in and building private, high-growth companies in a number of industries, including communications, health care, technology, manufacturing, consumer products, business services and specialty retail. We seek to make equity investments ranging in size from $1.0 million to $5.0 million, which result in Ballast Point Ventures owning minority positions in businesses owned and operated by outstanding management teams.



Nextech Invest is a global investment manager founded 1998 and located in Zurich, Switzerland. With its unique oncology-focused funds, Nextech Invest is a dedicated investor in leading oncology companies developing cancer drugs and diagnostics. Nextech Invest benefits from the support of an active and committed Scientific Advisory Board of highly influential oncology advisors, chaired by David Livingston, MD, deputy director at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Cancer Center.

Oncology Thought Leaders Series:
Brian Druker, MD speaks on the value of
companion diagnostics in patient outcomes