Oncology Biomarker Diagnostics

Linking molecular status to breakthroughs in cancer treatment

  • NanoString nCounter Digital Multiplex Gene Expression Utilizing the nCounter Analysis System from NanoString, MolecularMD offers unparalleled precision and efficiency in simultaneous analysis of up to 800 targets in a specimen. Whether pre-built panels or custom CodeSets, MolecularMD is bringing the Nanostring platform to its clinical trials customers through its CLIA laboratory in Portland.
  • Elevating Value for Molecular Cancer Therapies
    Our molecular diagnostics programs:
    • Mitigate Development Risk
    • Support Key Decision Points
    • Accelerate Proof of Concept
    • Improve Return on Investment
    • Bolster Competitive Positioning
  • EGFR T790M Plasma Test using ddPCR MolecularMD's EGFR T790M Plasma Test detects EGFR T790M mutation at  ≤1% sensitivity using circulating tumor DNA on the BioRad QX-100 droplet digital PCR platform. MolecularMD has exclusive intellectual property ownership for monitoring EGFR T790M.

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  • Next-Gen Sequencing at MolecularMD Our NGS Service offers comprehensive testing & support for drug development programs & clinical trials.
    Key features:
    • High multiplexing & sensitivity with minimal DNA/RNA
    • Commercial cancer panels & custom assays
    • Multiple sample types: FFPE, blood, plasma, bone marrow
  • Droplet Digital PCR at MolecularMD Utilizing the Droplet Digital PCR assay system from Bio-Rad, MolecularMD has developed highly sensitive assays that enable absolute quantification of target mutations in circulating nucleic acids isolated from blood.

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  • Companion Diagnostics Partner MolecularMD strives to accelerate the pace of targeted therapy development to improve outcomes for cancer patients. We work collaboratively with our pharma partners to establish and maintain critical project timelines; we appreciate the importance of simultaneous CDx submission to successful registration of the therapeutic.
  • Our Mission Our Mission
    MolecularMD provides innovative and reliable molecular diagnostic solutions that improve and advance personalized medicine for cancer patients.

    Our Focus
    MolecularMD delivers scientific leadership and agile molecular diagnostics solutions that accelerate the development and commercialization of targeted cancer therapies.
  • Custom Assay Design Our development capabilities include custom assay design based on partner preferences and practicalities related to the biomarker(s) being evaluated. We remain platform agnostic, continuously evaluating new technology and instrumentation with the goal of providing the current platform options to meet the scope and data requirements our partners and regulatory agencies demand.
  • Global Clinical Trials Support MolecularMD has supported numerous international Phase 3 trials, and offers trusted global logistics support coordinated by a dedicated team of Clinical Trial Project Managers. This team applies its expertise and commitment to manage the global logistics of sample management.
  • Commitment to Quality Our assays undergo rigorous validations following the specific regulatory guidelines set by AMP, CLIA/CAP, and the FDA. Assay conditions are optimized to achieve the highest degree of accuracy, specificity, sensitivity, reproducibility, and efficiency. Each test is developed with appropriate controls that establish, monitor and guarantee high quality data each and every run.
  • NanoString nCounter Digital Multiplex Gene Expression
  • Elevating Value for Molecular Cancer Therapies
  • EGFR T790M Plasma Test using ddPCR
  • Next-Gen Sequencing at MolecularMD
  • Droplet Digital PCR at MolecularMD
  • Companion Diagnostics Partner
  • Our Mission
  • Custom Assay Design
  • Global Clinical Trials Support
  • Commitment to Quality

MolecularMD provides innovative and reliable molecular diagnostics products and services to support clinical development, regulatory approval, and commercialization of targeted cancer therapies.

Using both gold-standard and cutting-edge platforms, we design sensitive, specific, standardized assays that provide robust, reproducible results in an expeditious manner appropriate for decision-making by clinical investigators, sponsors, community physicians and patients.

At MolecularMD we are committed to accelerating the pace of targeted therapy development and personalizing medicine for cancer patients.


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